Theme 1: Dynamic Multi-scale Modelling

Work at Edinburgh and Heriot-Watt focuses on dynamic, multi-scale, end-to-end modelling of smart grids. On the network/generation side, we focus on the development of robust and reliable dynamic multi-scale models of system hardware, including component-based models of distributed generation and most of the important types and categories of loads, representing load mixes typically found in domestic and commercial load sectors. On the supply/demand side, we give particular attention to the assessment of the current and anticipated changes associated with aggregate load demands, e.g. the shift from incandescent to CFL and LED light sources, increased use of high-efficiency electronic equipment, increased penetration of micro and small-scale distributed generation, and grid connection of plug-in electric vehicle chargers. In collaboration with the research groups at the universities of Nottingham and Strathclyde, a range of techniques to capture consumer behaviour will be explored and then the DSM models will be updated in order to become able to reflect and incorporate this information.