Project Outputs

To facilitate the analysis of demand-side management scenarios on network performance, a high-resolution, voltage dependent household load model has been created. Based on the most recent UK Time-of-Use Survey (TUS) and device ownership data for most of domestic loads, the software tool allows the generation of synthesized load model time-series with bespoke statistical characteristics. Further details of the modelling approach are available in the software user guide and the publications below.

The model has been implemented in Matlab and allows the user to define the following simulation settings:

  • population size and composition (with respect to household size and user type)
  • day of week (weekday or weekend variations)
  • month of year

The software can be configured to provide the following outputs:

  • household occupant activity profiles
  • active and reactive power demand profiles for simulated households
  • exponential and polynomial/ZIP load models for simulated households

A demo version of the software is freely available to download by following the links below. Current version (v1.0) contains a limited number of datasets and options. A fully configurable version is currently in the final stages of development and will be released soon.

Download links


The software was developed in MATLAB 2013a – if this package is not installed on the target machine, the MATLAB Compiler Runtime (MCR) must be installed. The MCR can be freely downloaded from the Mathworks website.


For bug reports, comments and suggestions please contact us.

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